Fridge & Freezer Servicing

Keep your products and patients safe with our comprehensive annual medical fridge 
and freezer services.

Carried out by fully trained EBME engineers.

Cost Effective - Only £175 + vat

One of the cheapest on-site services in the industry at only £175+vat per unit.


Ensure patient safety by ensuring vaccines are stored at the correct temperature.


Adherence to NHS Green Book 2013 regulations regarding vaccine and medicine storage


All components checked and tested by a fully qualified engineer


Fully traceable Calibration certificate and comprehensive service sheet issued upon completion.

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What is included?

  • Check on suitability of fridge for intended purpose and location in appropriate place with sufficient air flow
  • 12 point servicing checklist
  • 6 probe temperature mapping calibration
  • All components checked and tested
  • Full electrical safety test
  • Advice on fridge maintenance and use of controls
  • Engineer attending site
  • Calibration certificate issued
  • Service sheet issued


Yes, medical refrigerators and freezers should be calibrated annually inline with manufacturer, insurance and inspectors guidelines. Medical fridge/freezer calibration ensures vaccines, medicines and other medical products are stored correctly and don't become spoiled. 

We recommend that along with calibration, medical refrigerators are also fully serviced annually. This is also recommended by the NHS Green Book, CQC and GPhC. Annual services are vital in maintaining the performance of medical fridges and in monitoring their overall health. Our annual services are performed by highly trained engineers to the highest standard possible. The service takes up to 45 minutes and ensures your fridge / freezer is working as economically as is possible. Regular servicing of your fridge / freezer can extend its lifespan. 

We recommend that all medical fridges are calibrated annually as standard, this is also a requirement of CQC. In the meantime, if your fridge produces excessive condensation, if you can hear your fridge running, if your fridge is over 5 years old or if products within the fridge are rapidly spoiling, then it's highly likely that your fridge will need a calibration and service.

The NHS Green Book 2013 states that vaccines, medications and other medical products that need refrigerating are stored at a temperature between +2°c and +8°c. If your fridge has been outside these parameters then give us a call and we can discuss the best course of action.

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